Benjamin Franklin and the Quaker Murders

Benjamin Franklin has just returned from nine years as America’s first ambassador to France and soon learns that a Quaker stonemason of his acquaintance is suspected of murder [….] The investigation into “the Quaker Murders” is a story rich in details about Franklin’s life and 18th-century Philadelphia, which in 1785 was the world’s largest English-speaking city after London.

—The Sons of the American Revolution Magazine


American Culture: Its Origins & Enemies

I am so glad you are addressing Political Correctness. For a long time I have felt that it is having a detrimental effect on America’s culture. You have explained how. Thank you so much. God bless you.

—Dolores Self
citizen and homemaker


“America’s Culture” captures not only the cultural beliefs on which our country was founded, but offers a key to understanding their origin. Dr. McElroy’s knowledge and experiences provide a cogent explanation of what makes America an exceptional nation.

 —Charles Heller
Radio Host, “Liberty Watch”


John Harmon McElroy has written an admirable expose of how Political Correctness is stifling free thought in our country, as it has in Marxist regimes. He exhibits a keen understanding of how America’s unique culture promotes individual responsibility to achieve personal and societal success.

—Paul Parisi
Director, Government Programs, 4Tucson