John Harmon McElroy

AMERICA’S CULTURE Its Origins and Enemies

John-Harmon-McElroyAre you grateful to be an American? Would you like to know why America is an exceptional country? Do you feel the basic values Americans have lived by are being degraded? Would you like to understand why and how this is happening? Dou you think the federal government is out of control and taking from the States constitutional rights which belong to them? Do you think the national debt needs to be curbed in fairness to future generations? Would you like to learn why America is not doomed to decline and new facts about America’s unique history and geography?

If you replied “yes” to any of these questions, AMERICA’S CULTURE Its Origins and Enemies, A Synopsis, the most recent book by John Harmon McElroy, was written for you.

The author is a professor emeritus of the University of Arizona who also taught at Clemson, Wisonsin-Madison and, as a Fullbright Professor of American Studies, at universities in Brazil and Spain. He has presented papers before the American Studies Associations of Argentina and France and has taught at the English Seminar in Poland.

John Harmon McElroy’s other books include Finding Freedom, a study of the historical factors which produced America’s exceptional culture; American Beliefs, an analysis of the culture’s content; and Divided We Stand on anti-Americanism in America. He has also edited a history of Columbus and a chronicle of Walt Whitman’s experiences in the Civil War.

McElroy did his undergraduate work at Princeton and before taking his PhD at Duke had two years of sea duty in the U.S. Navy, North Atlantic Fleet. He and Onyria Herrera Diaz married in Havana in 1957. They live in Tucson, Arizona.


Americas Culture- CoverJohn Harmon McElroy’s new work, AMERICA’S CULTURE Its Origins and Enemies, A Synopsis, explains what has made America so exceptional; how the beliefs that Americans have historically lived by are being degraded; and why the U.S. government is thumbing its nose at the U.S. Constitution and running up a debt which will destroy America if the spending is not curbed. Why America can be saved from further cultural degradation is also discussed in this celebration of America’s greatness.

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