Edited Author photo John Harmon McElroy 6 13 17     Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, John Harmon McElroy has chronicled Walt Whitman’s Civil War experiences and edited Washington Irving’s history of Columbus. His several books on American cultural history are Finding Freedom, American Beliefs, Divided We Stand, and America’s Culture Its Origins & Enemies, a synopsis of what has made American culture exceptional and the how and why of the present deliberate attempt by Political Correctness to transform that heritage. His newest book and first novel, Benjamin Franklin and the Quaker Murders, features Benjamin Franklin as an undercover detective.

Before going to the University of Arizona, Prof. McElroy taught at Clemson and the University of Wisconsin. As a Fulbright Professor of American Studies he has been a member of university faculties in Spain and Brazil. He has also lectured at universities in Poland and Colombia and presented papers at meetings of the American Studies associations of France and Argentina. The radio program on American history and culture he created, “America’s Fabric,” is broadcast on KVOI-AM, Tucson.

A graduate of Princeton University, he had two years of sea duty in the U. S. Navy, North Atlantic Fleet, before taking his PhD at Duke University. He and his wife Onyria Herrera Diaz, PhD, who writes bilingual medical dictionaries, were married in Cuba in 1957. They live in Tucson, Arizona, and have four children, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.