My first novel is out on Amazon!

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Ever since I was a student at Princeton I’ve dreamed of publishing a novel. And now, at 83, I have!

I’m so excited to let you know that Benjamin Franklin & the Quaker Murderers has just been published. Featuring Benjamin Franklin in the role of a detective, it’s on as an e-book, and the paperback version is set to come out next week.

You can buy Benjamin Franklin & the Quaker Murderers by going on and searching for “Quaker Murders.”

Here’s a description:

In September of 1785, everyone in Philadelphia thinks Jacob Maul, the Quaker stonecutter, is a murderer. How could there be any doubt? Two women have been found dead on his property–one of them in his bed–with bruise marks on their throats. The only person who comes to a different conclusion is the city’s most famous citizen, Benjamin Franklin.

But at seventy-nine years of age, Franklin doesn’t want to acquire a reputation for solving his neighbors’ problems, so he recruits Revolutionary War veteran James Jamison to make inquiries under his direction. Genius though Franklin was in taming the destructive power of lightning, his powers of judgment and persuasion spectacularly fail him in the story’s climactic showdown. The investigation into ‘the Quaker Murders’ is a story rich in detail about Franklin’s life and 18th-century Philadelphia, which in 1785 was the world’s largest English-speaking city after London.

Having completed the book, my job now is to inspire as many people as possible to buy it, read it and write a review online.

Writing a novel is like performing in a theater, and I’m aiming for a full house!

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